Carshed was created as a blog to give the public information about the automobile world. The site is mainly used for “car heads” to get modification advice and legal car requirements.

There is a reason why we address ourselves as the home of car people. It is because everything that your car requires, we can tailor it perfectly to fit the requirement at hand.

Have you just got your car painted?

Well we can arm you with tips to maintain that glossy shine!

Have you just bought yourself a new car?

We have a few tricks up our sleeve to keep it new forever!

Do your brakes need replacing?

You already know by now who to approach.

At carshed you can be assured of 360┬░ car solutions for all your automobile issues and we are equipped to deal with each one of them.

We at carshed are also able to get you cheap quotes on any repair for your automobile with contacts we’ve picked up over the years, we don’t charge anyone for a quote or any fees when booking garages to make any repairs.

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