10 Ways to Make Your Old Car Feel New

Everyone loves new, shiny cars, right? The sad truth though, is that they do not stay new or even shiny for a long time. After merely a year or so, the car starts to look old and the paint loses its glossiness. And the inside of your car is completely different story, a messy one for certain.

Most of us grow tired of our used cars long before they are used-up cars. No-one can buy new cars all the time, because money is tight for just about everyone, so why throw away a car that’s running well just because it’s feeling worn down. According to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), there are literally thousands of specialty parts that can give an older vehicle a completely new appearance. Whether the goal is to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, or simply to give a vehicle a fresh, new look, a few simple steps is all it may take.

Some ways are mention below to give your old car a new look.

Clean everything

This is not about just a quick, superficial job, but a hard-core scrubbing of everything you can reach.


Vacuum cleaning

  • Take out floor mats from your car and shake away all the dirt.
  • If there is any stinking smell, sprinkle baking soda and then vacuum the car to get rid of the smell.
  • Vacuum the boot of your car and don’t forget to vacuum under the pedals and seats.


Interior cleaning

  • To clean the insides of the windows of your car, use vinegar or some cleaner to do the job.
  • Usually, we forget to wipe the dust on our car’s dashboard, over time, the dust starts to give the dashboard a weary look. Take a damp piece of cloth and wipe any dust or stains.
  • For window panes of the car, use newspapers as they leave no streaks behind.
  • While choosing cleaners and wipes, select the ones which are reputable and trusted.



  • Wet the car and then use a soft cloth or sponge to scrub it entirely. Scrub away all the dirt from your car.
  • For cleaning the tyres, wheel wells and rims, use a brush.
  • After the car is washed and dried, use non-acid-based tyre cleaner on the tyres. This will give them a new look.


Clean your car like this on a weekly basis and your car will have a new look and feel forever. This is a pretty obvious first step.

Fix the Cockpit

Focus on the area you are actually going to touch. Start at the steering wheel and the dashboard. A dashboard cover may be good investment too. Also check dashboard illumination. Drivers can’t read speedometer at night as the illumination knob gets dimmed through sheer inattention for years.. If you find that dashboard pad is faded than consider repainting or dyeing it.

Let it Breathe

There are no miracle happen with the aftermarket intake systems and air filters, but they can open up an older engine’s inhalation system and kick up output a by few horsepower. While adding a new voice on the exhalation side, an aftermarket exhaust system can do the same thing for your car. You should wait until your car actually needs a new muffler before making that upgrade. Because exhaust systems are much expensive to buy and more difficult to install.

Vehicle Wrapping

Car wraps are basically large sticker decals that you can put on your car. Companies often use them for advertisements, but you can get one for your car, too. Some vehicle wrapping services are more expensive than others, but it’s still cheaper than getting an overall new paint job. Car wraps are typically custom-made and can include anything from flames to text.

Refresh the Air Conditioner

As is the case with home air conditioning, a car’s air conditioner can also suffer build-ups’ of mold, mildew and bacteria. clean any filters in the system because passing air of leaves dust or debris that can harm the system. Finally, use an air-conditioning deodorizer to finish things off. If nothing else is remaining, your nose should feel happy.

Change out the Rims and Tyres

Most cars have several different rim styles to choose from. So, you can get online and find a set to give your car a new look. The tyres you choose also play a role in how your car looks. For example, bigger tyres make your car look more expensive. There are kits to help you customise your rims and you can always buy new tyres.

Get the window tinted

Get the window tinted

Tinted window makes a car look more expensive, and it’s a relatively cheap change that you can make yourself. There are rolls of tinted film that you just stick on and cut to size. There are also sprays that are more permanent. However, if you decide to use a spray to tint your windows, make sure you don’t go too dark and that you can still see out of them.

Upgrade the headlights

Did you know that you don’t have to use the standard light bulbs that come on your car? You can use neon lights or LED lights. Additionally, it’s more easy and inexpensive to change out the headlights. All you have to do is pull back the front panel to replace the bulbs. New lights make the outside of your car look sportier and newer.


If your car’s paint is damaged beyond hope, automotive paint companies offer a colour palette far beyond the bland metallic treatments manufacturers usually use. The use and abuse of touch-up paint is a subject that could fill volumes. Generally speaking, it’s best to use it sparingly and carefully. However, you can easily remove plastic trim pieces on your car’s exterior and repaint them with a spray can. It especially makes a big difference on black parts that have weathered to a dull grey.

Another option rapidly gaining popularity is vinyl wrap, which looks like paint and applies like vinyl. It comes on rolls in a variety of colours and patterns, and when properly applied, does not damage the original surface. If you decide you want a change later on, simply peel it off and lay on a different wrap.

Different Restyling parts

Different Restyling parts

Installing many types of restyling parts is designed to be simple, and can often be handled by anyone who approaches the job with reasonable care. But for best results, more involved makeovers such as those that require paint or bodywork, or replacement of components that have safety-related features, such as seat assemblies should be done by professionals who have the tools and experience for that kind of work.

Incorporate these tips to extend the lifespan of your car as it is an investment that one cannot afford to make again and again, unless you are filthy rich!


A car enthusiast with a 1995 VW Polo with a lot of time spent in the garage working on engine mods and body kits. Top car tip for females: Keep her clean look like a queen. Top tip for guys: Low and slow enjoy the ride.

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