Tips to Maintain Your Sports Car

Owning a sports car is a dream that perhaps each one of us harbour. . Cars help you to get from point A to B in a short period of time. However, it is essential for car owners to know that along with owning a sports car also come a set of responsibilities. This is because no matter how much you try to prevent faults and issues, cars eventually start giving trouble in due time. One of the important requirements of sports cars is that they need regular service to keep them running well.. With proper care and feeding, virtually any car can be kept on the road as long as the owner wants to keep it. Here are some tips to keep your car alive for a long time.

  1. Read The Manual of Your Car: You might already know a lot about your vehicle, but it is imperative to take a brief look at the manual to gain more helpful information about the car. Keep the manual in your car’s glove box and if any small problem occurs then you can browse through it to find a solution. The owner’s manual gives you useful tips on how to prevent problems and use the various features of your car.


  1. Check the Engine Oil: If you want to prevent oil leaks then check your car engine oil on a regular basis to keep your car in good condition. The car should be parked on level ground so you can get an accurate dipstick reading. Never overfill the engine oil tank and if you do have an oil leakage, find a garage and fix it soon.

 Inspect the Exhaust System

  1. Inspect the Exhaust System: Check for rusted exhaust parts that need replacement. Also tighten loose clamps; Do this while the car is up on ramps. If a shop changes your oil you can ask them to perform these checks. Listen to exhaust sound to make sure, if any changes have been made or not. It’s usually advisable to replace the entire exhaust system all at once rather than to repair sections at different times.


  1. Change of Fluids: The health of your engine cooling, power steering, anti-lock braking, and automatic transmission systems depends on the condition of the fluids. Similar to engine oil, other fluids in your vehicle begin to lose their lubricating qualities over time. Therefore, all vehicle fluids should be replaced from time-to-time. You can consider using a plunger to check the fluid levels and fluid colour before refilling. If the level is low or the colour is black, top up accordingly or change the fluids. Additionally, if you use your vehicle for towing or other power-draining activities, consider installing an additional transmission fluid cooler. This way, you can avoid any overheating issues which can cause considerable damage to your vehicle.


  1. Tire Assessment and Rotation: Tyres are those important parts of your car without which it is impossible to drive a car. They balance your car and facilitate movements accordingly by working with your vehicle’s suspension system. However, this doesn’t mean that they are ‘immortal’, as tyres are subject to maximum wear and tear. Therefore, it is very important for car owners to check the tyres regularly for warning signs. To maintain suitable alignment, consider rotating your tires every three to four months. Additionally, once a month and before any extended road trips, use an accurate tyre-pressure gauge to check the inflation pressure in each tyre, including the spare one. Do this when the tyres are cold.


  1. Replace Oil and Air Filters: Main cause of loss of engine power and lower gas mileage is due to problems related to air filter and oil filter as they have a tendency to get extremely dirty with time. Spark plugs and timing belts too begin to deteriorate with time, thus causing numerous shifting and power issues. Therefore, when it comes to auto maintenance, replacing your vehicle’s spark plugs, timing belts, oil and air filters on time can save you a lot of costly repairs and also help you to maintain the efficiency of your vehicle’s engine.

 Keep Your Car Clean

  1. Keep Your Car Clean: It is essential to keep your car clean both from outside as well as inside. Dust and air react with oxygen which leads to formation of rust on the exterior of your vehicle. Additionally, there are a lot of wires and electronics under the dashboard; electricity with water will always cause trouble. So, remember to wash your car on a regular basis to prevent it from rusting or you can use motorsport vehicle wraps to maintain your car and make it look classy. Keep the interior clean to avoid any electronic issues and ensure your car stays smell-free.

If you follow these simple steps, you can maintain your car on regular basis and give your vehicle a long life.


A car enthusiast with a 1995 VW Polo with a lot of time spent in the garage working on engine mods and body kits. Top car tip for females: Keep her clean look like a queen. Top tip for guys: Low and slow enjoy the ride.

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