Mobile Clinics and its benefits

The health infrastructure in metropolitan cities is usually in a good condition. It is organised with a health centre at almost every corner of the street. But it is not the same in rural areas. The population of rural areas is quite dispersed compared to cities and this makes it difficult to establish a health clinic.

The government hospitals established in rural areas are mostly full and it is next to impossible to get prompt treatment. This results in large queues and delayed treatment that can sometimes worsen the condition of the patients. The hygiene of such hospitals is also inferior compared to those hospitals that are built in cities.

These difficulties can be addressed by having mobile clinics. Mobile clinics are fully equipped healthcare clinics that solve the problems of accessibility and high costs of treatment. It is possible to maintain high standards of cleanliness in such clinics.

Visiting a hospital takes up a lot of time and sometimes requires taking a day off work or school. The inconveniences faced in travelling to a hospital and getting treatment often makes them delay the visit. This is a dangerous practice and should be avoided at all costs.

The few benefits of mobile clinics are as follows:


  • Accessibility

The biggest advantage of mobile clinics is that it bridges the gap between accessibility and healthcare. It is possible to plan the schedule in such a way that the mobile clinic can cover as much distance as possible. With such a schedule the mobile clinic can have maximum reach in a community. Thus mobile clinics avoid the problem of taking out special time to visit a hospital as it brings a hospital to their doorstep. For single breadwinners it saves them from straining their already strained financial state.


  • Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Medical science has improved drastically in the recent few decades. Gone are the days when technology was not required to diagnose problems and technology was not a part of any treatment. Nowadays the use of machinery has increased by leaps and bounds in the biomedical field. Technology has been incorporated in many diagnosis and treatments such as identifying cancer and TMR for coronary heart disease. Such equipment can be placed in mobile clinics and in this way a mobile clinic can be used for any type of treatment that a patient requires.

A mobile clinic can be used to provide treatments in the fields of optometry, dentistry and primary healthcare. If an optometric room has to be designed then fully automated machines should be placed inside the clinic and it can perform a complete eye examination in 20 seconds.

Technology greatly reduces the time required for a patient consultation and thus enables the doctor to examine more patients in a day. The use of technology reduces human error and ensures that the underprivileged are given the medical attention that they truly deserve.

  • Improves data storage techniques

Improves data storage techniques

A patient’s medical history is extremely important in case they need to be treated again. The past medical history of a patient allows a doctor to diagnose the problem more effectively as they are aware of the illnesses of the patient in the past. Mobile clinics come with many applications that make it easier capture sensitive patient data. They can be stored and accessed immediately. It allows them to simultaneously store information while treating the patients. This data can be accessed by a unique ID code.

There’s also no need to worry about patient-doctor confidentiality as the healthcare professionals only have access to their own discipline. The use of such applications also ensures the creation of a paperless environment with higher efficiency and reduced risk of loss of information.


  • Patient Focused Approach

It is difficult to keep track of the changes that the healthcare industry has gone through in the recent few decades. The innovations in biomedical technology have positively impacted the life of patients. Mobile clinic is an indication of how the approach has shifted from being clinic centred to patient centred.

The main focus of healthcare now is to make things easier for the patients and make them go through as little inconvenience as possible to ensure a healthier environment. There is also a rising awareness in the healthcare industry to improve the overall health of the general population.

The healthcare industry now also aims at improving the knowledge of patients to prevent them from common diseases. The patients are informed about these preventive measures that can lead to prevention of diseases and encourage a healthier lifestyle.


The concept of mobile clinic has drastically improved the healthcare scenario of rural areas. But the benefits of such clinics is not only restricted to rural areas but can also be witnessed in urban areas. It is common to find these fancy mobile clinics which advertise their brand on the vehicle’s exterior which can be done with the help of commercial wraps specialists.


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