How Fleet Wraps Can Increase Your Profits

Attaining success in the modern business world does not come easy and it becomes even more tasking if you are a start-up. Ninety percent of the businesses are likely to fail in their first year of operation and that is majorly because they need to find a way to establish their brand out there in an already cluttered market.

If you want to thrive and survive and watch your business climb the ladders of success, you need to come up with ways and techniques that will tell your potential customers who you are and why choosing you over your competitors is a better choice. You need to communicate to them the things that you do differently while also letting them know the ways they can find and connect with you.
Advertising to a larger audience has become exceptionally convenient because of the internet. But, making your own digital space and establishing yourself in it often requires substantial investment in terms of both time and money, that at times you may not have. However, trying to make yourself known in the digital space does not mean that you can completely let go off traditional advertising methods. These traditional methods will let you capture the attention of the target audience within the local area.

vynal wrap
This is where vehicle wraps come in the picture as one of the most effective forms of marketing for your business. This is mainly because they target the thousands of potential customers in your local area.

If you are not yet convinced of this, take a look at the top benefits that vehicle wrapping can bring to your business and see if the change in your perception.
• Capture attention of a wide audience at one point of time
• Broadens the horizon of your reach
• A non-aggressive form of advertising
• Advertising and constant exposure on-the-go
• Vinyl vehicle wrapping is cost-effective
• Gives an extra layer of protection to your vehicle
• Makes targeting your local area exceptionally convenient


Opting for Fleet Wraps – Ideal or not?

Opting for Fleet Wraps – Ideal or not
Studies have proven that fleet vehicle advertising can boost a business’s name and recognition up to 15 times as compared to some other advertising medium. It is an impressive statistic indeed and even the more reason for you to seriously consider.
It is a known fact that fleet wraps are a remarkable one-cost long-term advertising set-up and can last up to five years or more depending on the way they are maintained. All these points suggest that your business should seriously explore fleet wrapping if you haven’t done so already.
This is one of the main reasons why so many businesses have a fleet of vehicles carrying exactly the same message across their geographical business area. This is a perfectly good plan and a proven tool of powerful promotion.
The plus point of opting for fleet wraps is that you can experiment with it to make an even better impression on your customers. One such example which stood out was ‘The Eddie Stobart’ Distribution Company in the UK. They took to naming and calling each of their vehicles by a different girl’s name and posted it on the front of the vehicle. This tiny tweak in their method of marketing led the motorists to notice as many names as possible and they now have a fan club and an online shop.

eddie stobart
The point is, if your business offers a range of services, then why not use each vehicle to promote and highlight a different service? Of course, the colours representing your company, the business logo, type-style and design across each vehicle will be the same and further facilitate recognition on a larger scale.
The contact details printed across each vehicle will of course be identical, but you are free to experiment with the rest of the wrap and it could then offer a more outstanding promotional opportunity rather than including every detail on each and every vehicle.

4 Ways Your Business Can Profit From Fleet Wraps

4 Ways Your Business Can Profit From Fleet Wraps
Now that it is a certainty that fleet wraps can work wonders for your business and its promotion, there are a number of ways to profit which of course involve vehicle wraps ranging right from the obvious to a whole new level of unique. To help you with a few amazing possibilities, we have compiled a list of four of the most popular ways to make it worth the profitable investment that it is.
• Social eventsSocial events
Want to wield the sword of social media but rummaging for ideas? Try a ‘spot our car’ event and let the attention from all over pour in. Events like these make people recognise your business, peaks their level of engagement and they might even end up discussing you with their friends. The inverse works brilliantly too – use fleet warps with QR codes or social media handles to encourage people to visit your social media pages and create a buzz surrounding your brand. It is indeed a powerful trick.

Paid advertisements
• Paid advertisements

If you are comfortable with the kind of recognition and establishment that your brand possesses, you can consider monetising the surface of your vehicles in the simplest way there is – by accepting paid advertisements. Think of it as a way to sell off that excess name recognition you have.

• Branding and name recognition

Fleet wraps can very well be the answer in case you are having any trouble building significant name recognition in the area. If your brand requires any kind of leverage, fleet wraps can surely do that while also representing your business accurately. You kill two birds with one stone as you cover both branding and name recognition with just one move.

• Upkeep

While thinner wraps do not do much to protect your vehicle, there are many forms of fleet wraps which can shield its surface against dings, scratches and scrapes. A complete wrap also reduces the need for careful upkeep of fleet paint jobs, as the underlying paint will be less visible.


You can then use your website and back it up with promotional campaigns, letting existing and potential customers know what you have done. You can take this up a notch and incorporate the element of fun public involvement. You can encourage people to post photos of each vehicle in different locations. You could offer some kind of prize to attract more participation.


This could be a brilliant way of gathering low-cost and long-term publicity with a fun element attached to it adding to the publicity of your fleet. Just make sure you’re getting your fleet done by well known vehicle wrapping technicians who can give you optimal results.


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