Ways to Protect your Car’s Paint

There’s hardly a better feeling than being in your ride, on the street and having others stare at your car with open eyes. But it will only happen if you somehow manage to keep your car spotless, despite the reckless drivers and the unforgiving climate. A car with too many scratches can spoil the look of your vehicle and here is a guide to keep your car shining through the many seasons of the year.

The professionals at a workshop are those who give a car its sheen but it’s actually the owner of the vehicle who is entrusted with the huge responsibility of maintaining it. In order to keep the eyes turning, one must inculcate a habit of regularly maintaining it. It is common for the car’s surface to get chipped and damaged by the sun and there are few things you can do in order to prevent that from happening. Following are few ideas which are easy to implement and will ensure that the shine of your vehicle doesn’t wear off for a long time.

  • Use a Car Cover

Use a Car CoverThis is the most basic advice on how to protect the paint of your car from damage. It is an absolute necessity for those who park their car in an open space or on the street. A car cover is highly efficient when it comes to protecting the paint from the many alien elements that are out there to wreak havoc on your car’s finish.

It is advisable even for those who park their car in a garage and do not use it for many days at a stretch. Putting the car cover on prevents the dust and other contaminants from settling down on your car.

    • Regular Car Wash

Washing the car on a weekly basis also keeps away the destructive forces. A good way to keep your car spotless is to use a car shampoo and wash the exteriors, tyres, interiors, window glass area and windshield. Household detergents should be avoided as their pH levels can be harmful for the car’s paint. Due to their acidic nature they can cause abrasion of paint.

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of Drying

Many people ignore the importance of drying a car using the appropriate techniques. They ignore it out of the belief that a car will dry itself naturally because of the wind and sun. Water spots will be left behind on the car if it is not dried properly and this can put to waste, the efforts taken by you to maintain your car. For this purpose, you should use a microfiber towel that absorbs the water and dries the car.

  • Use a Clay Bar

There could be many unseen particles stuck in the paint of your car and they can be removed effectively by using a clay bar. These bars can help you to remove the smallest of the particles that can sometimes be invisible to the naked eye. After applying the clay bar you should wax the car to help it sustain the clean look.

  • Wax on a regular basis

Wax on a regular basis

A good wax can last for at least 10 months before you the need of getting another job done. This can protect your car’s paint for 10 months it from dust, scratches, contaminants etc. However, it is advisable to get a waxing job done every six months as it can give your car the clean and smooth look. Waxing your car can also help it perform better and consume less fuel by reducing the amount of drag experienced by a vehicle.


  • Paint Protection FilmPaint Protection Film

Another effective way to prevent the coating of paint on your car from damage is coating it with a paint protection film. It is a clear film that is applied on the exterior of a car for protection. It not only protects the car from abrasions but also gives it a nice and shiny look. By applying a paint protection film, you can protect your car from the elements on the roads that can spoil the look of your ride.

If you do not wish to get your entire vehicle covered in this film then you can selectively cover a portion of your car which you believe is more prone to abrasions such as the front and rear bumpers. They are quite long lasting and can continue to protect your vehicle for at least 5 years.

  • Why Not Try Vinyl Wraps?

Why Not Try Vinyl WrapsYou can give your car a new look by using vinyl wraps. These wraps give you the option of changing the colour of your car and you can do so by choosing from a variety of shades and that too at just half the cost. Vinyl wraps are very effective in protecting the original paint of your car as they act as a shield and prevent any dullness.

These wraps are also thick enough to protect your car from minor injuries or scratches. Moreover, vehicle wraps professionals can remove these wraps easily and the glue that remains does not affect your car a whole lot. This ensures that the paint work you have carried out on your car remains fresh.

  • Always Use Smooth Material When Cleaning Your Car

It’s not just stones or rocks that can affect the paint work of your car, dirty sponges or clothes can inflict similar damage. They might have stones or dirt in them and if you rub it on the surface of your car frequently (which is usually the case when cleaning) there is a strong likelihood that you chip, scratch or cause some other type of damage to your car.

  • Park Your Car in a Suitable and Convenient SpotPark Your Car in a Suitable and Convenient Spot

Ensure that you park your car in a sheltered or covered parking spot whenever you can. This will not only protect your car’s paintwork but also the rubber trims and the headlights. By doing this you prevent some of the damage that can occur to your car via a combination of heat, UV rays and nuisance in the form of bird droppings or bugs.

Most (if not all) of the tips mentioned above can be easily implemented and by doing so you ensure that there is no cause of regret for you later on. Hope you find this guide helpful.


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