Taking Care of your New Car

Buying a car is easy, but maintaining it is difficult. There is a huge list of essential things you are required to do so that your car stays fit and is ready to be used at any point of time. If you don’t show some care towards it, it will give you back the same response, and eventually will sit dead like a big, heavy pile of metal. So to avoid such scenarios, make sure that you take all the necessary precautions from the very first day of it. Here is a list of the basic things you must keep in mind so as to maintain the health of your new car.

  • Using it Regularly

After buying a car, you must use it regularly. Many times people buy a family car for the purpose of using it only while they go out for outings and picnics, however hat is not best for the upkeep the car’s good health. A car kept sedentary in a place is prone to frequent break downs because it ages very quickly.

Just like other machines, cars have their age too. After a certain period of time, cars do get old and will not work fine as they used to. But that can be delayed if you use your car regularly. Using your car frequently keeps its parts oiled and the main machine in better condition. The smoothness in the nuts, bolts and other joints of the car is preserved and they don’t rust.

However, if a car is kept in a place for a long time, that is for many weeks or months with it not getting used at all, then it starts to rust. The oil in it settles down and the engine dries off. This results in huge efforts for you just to start the car when you go to use it after a long time.

Also the wheels may get stuck because of which the car doesn’t move from its place. All of this reduces the life of the car and soon you might need to hire a mechanic to repair your new car which was hardly used by you.

So even if you don’t want to take your car to your workplace on a regular basis, make sure you at least drive it for sometime on the weekends and during the holidays, just to maintain it as well as to keep it fit and ready to drive whenever you need it.

  • Driving Carefully

You don’t want your new car to be full of dents and scratches in its initial days. So make sure you drive it carefully. No matter how big or small your car is and no matter with what price tag it came with, it is significant to you and this needs to be reflected in your driving habits.

You have to drive responsibly and with utmost precision so that you don’t bang it on a wall, street lamp, divider or other cars. Also while parking you need to make use of all the rare view mirrors and park it rightly so that you don’t bang into other cars while parking your car.

Make sure that there is ample space between your car and the neighbouring car while parking. Everyone is not going to be careful with your new car. So you don’t want other to bang their door on your car while they sit in their vehicle.

Make sure you drive properly while driving in reverse. Costly, small-scale accidents happen while driving in reverse as the driver cannot gauge everything that is behind the car. The entire reverse driving is based on judgement and so if you are bad at it; get it fixed by practicing in an old car.

  • Checking the Essentials

Car maintenance does not only involve driving it carefully and regularly, and keeping it clean. There is much more to it. After you buy a car you have to get yourself some knowledge about it and know its working. You need to know where the break oil, engine oil, spare wheel and other useful pieces are.

This is because there might be times when the car could break down due to some minor issue. In such a situation if you know the basics of your car, you will not be required to rely on external help to get your car fixed. This also aids well in the daily maintenance of the car.

For a car to function smoothly you need to check the battery. You need to check the engine oil, break oil and coolant levels in the car. If anything is below the level you need then buy and refill it.

You also need to check the air in the tyres. It is not good to have excess as well as less air in the tyres. Less air can cause the tyres to get punctured while excess air can cause tyre bursts. So it is mandatory to keep a check on the air in the tyres as they tend to increase or decrease with time.

You also need to check the fitness of the tyres. If you use your car excessively, then its tyres may wear out. Such tyres lose their groves and that reduces the grip of your car on the roads, making you vulnerable to accidents. So you need to check for such tyres and replace them if the need arises.

Your car health check list increases or decreases according to the season as well. If you are about to reach the rainy months, then you will also be required to check for the performance of the wipers and the car heater. Thus it is always good to keep the car checked, as this cuts down on any future expense which may arise if you show negligence in checking your car regularly.

  • Getting the Touch-ups done periodically

You may drive your car carefully but human errors still tend to happen. Many times it might not even be your fault but you may end up with a scratch or a dent on your car because of the other drivers fault. Well, what can you do in such cases? Insurance generally covers massive damages, but not those little white scratches which you get on the shiny, glittery body paint of your car.

They also remove the charm of the car, making it look old. So it is important to spend some money in getting them fixed before they increase in number and leave you with a huge expenditure.

Also, is it dangerous and against the law to drive a car which is majorly damaged and dangerous. So, before a small dent swells to become a huge damage, get is fixed and let your car look brand new just like it was on its first day.

  • Taking care of the Clutch

If you drive a manual car then, you have an additional duty to perform. The clutch of a manual car is the most important factor of the car. This is because it is responsible for the movement of the car and for the speed at which it moves. Thus a precise clutch functioning is very much essential so that you drive smoothly on the road. For that you need to keep a check on the clutch and take some measures to save it from getting damaged.

As a preventive measure, you first need to change the old habit of keeping your foot on the clutch while the car is in motion. Many people have this habit and this is the core factor for the clutch getting damaged.

By keeping the foot on the clutch, it gets pressed against the pressure pads and there is a production of excessive friction which ruins the clutch. Also, you need to keep your car in neutral and not in gear when you park it because again, when you keep it in gear, the clutch stays pressed for a long time, until you return. This also is responsible for it getting damaged..

If at any time you feel that your clutch is not functioning properly, there is a list of tests which you can do on your own to test the fitness of your clutch. If the results are bad then you need to get it replaced soon as driving a car with faulty clutch is hazardous for you and also for other drivers around you on the road.

  • Timely Servicing

Last but never the least, to keep your car fit and healthy you need to get it serviced regularly. A comprehensive service which is conducted by trained and experienced professionals will look at a huge number of components in your car. This includes oil and filter changes, replacing the air cleaner and fuel filter and having new spark plugs installed.

They will also check all the complex fluids in your car, their flow, density and quality. They will also thoroughly inspect the mechanics of your belts, the tread depth of your tyres, engine function, fuel consumption, exhaust function, the functioning of the engine fan, the air conditioner and much more.

After your car service has been completed, you will receive a report of the findings and your mechanic will suggest any remedial work that is be undertaken or any kinds of emergency repairs which will need your immediate attention.

Getting your car serviced regularly can prevent minor defects escalating into large-scale problems. Not only does it significantly reduce the unpleasant surprise of a break down or a serious fault, it also means issues are found and subsequently treated earlier, usually resulting in a much cheaper and easier job, than doing so further down the line.

There are many garages for car servicing Northamptonshire. But always makes sure you visit the most reputed one which gives you the best possible service.


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