Do My Brakes need Replacing?

By having your car regularly serviced, and ensuring you’re never late for your regular MOT, you should be able to spot any problems with your cars braking system.

The types of brakes you invest in will need to replicate your use of them, and the type of vehicle you drive. A car that is used on a race track will often need to have specialist brakes to suit the speed and terrain.

Common Signs You Need to Replace Your Brakes

There are several signs that you need to replace your brakes and these include, but are not limited to:

Pull – If your car pulls, this refers to a vehicle that drags to one side when the brakes are applied. In addition to misadjusted brakes, or brakes that are in need of a repair, pull may be the sign of an underinflated tire.

Hard Pedal – If you find that you need to apply a lot of pressure to your brakes in order for them to work, this may indicate that you have trouble with your brake power or brake lining. Further to this, it may also be the sign of restricted hydraulic lines, frozen calipers or wheel cylinders, or damaged brake linings.

Drag – This can be a serious issue, and if left can leave the car owner with no brakes at all. The signs of drag can include: brakes that stick, an engine that has lost power, or overly hot wheels.

There is no set time by which the brakes on your car will need replacing. Factors such as the style of your driving, your vehicle and the number of miles you have done will all contribute to how quickly the brakes on your car will need replacing.

Noise – Whatever brakes you invest in, they should operate with minimal noise. Brakes that squeal or make noise every time they are pressed should be checked straight away.

Vibrations – Brakes are there to ensure your car can stop or slow down when necessary. If you find that pressing your car brakes causes issues such as vibrating of the entire car or steering wheel, this may indicate the need to resurface the disc brake rotors. On the other hand, vibrations when pressing the brake pedal may indicate issues such as a loose component or faulty steering mechanism, these faults can be serious and should be checked right away.

D2 brakes make the perfect upgrade for many vehicle owners, however, it is of paramount importance that these brakes are sourced from a reputable manufacturer.

Track Days

Track days are designed to put your car through its paces, so having the most efficient brakes is of paramount importance for the best lap time.

D2 brake kits have external seals, ensuring that no dirt, dust or even water can affect the pistons, optimising efficiency. Everyone drives differently, but to maximise your racing performance, you need to feel confident in the car that you are driving. Brakes are essential for helping you guide your car around tight bends, therefore, ensuring you invest in high performance kits such as D2 brakes will give you the confidence to push your car to the limit for the ultimate thrill.


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