Coilovers vs Springs – What’s best?

There are lots of different ways to modify and upgrade your suspension, and the two best ways would be to add lowering springs or a quality Gaz coilover system.
You’d first have to look at comfort in relation to performance, price and the time scale. Some drivers would be looking to just tighten up the suspension and not lower the car completely.

So, what are Coilovers?

When any kind of springs are manufactured, they are made into coils that allow them to restrict and pull back with ease. There are two main ways to manufacture a coilover system: one where the spring perch is turned and compressed against the top hat, which in turn lowers the vehicle. However this method means that the pre-load to the springs creates a loss of handling. The other method is when the manufacture threads the shock body, so you are expanding or compressing the actual length of the shock that the coilover is part of.

What different types of Coilover are there?

  • Full Bodied Coilovers
  • Sleeve Type Coilovers
  • Drag Coilovers

How Low Can Coilovers Lower My Car?

This is very much dependant on the brand of coilover and depends on the model of your vehicle. Most coilovers lower at least half an inch even at their highest setting. The range is typically 2-4 inches and while most are lowered around 2 inches, some people like to lower them even further, although this severely restricts handling.

But will the Wheels Rub?

Wheel rubbing is of course a natural problem for those with aftermarket wheels, tires and suspensions. Some people roll their fenders to solve that problem, but if you find they’re rubbing you need to either raise your vehicle, or get stiffer springs so it doesn’t rub whilst going over bumps. If you are in need of a suspension to prevent rubbing, a full coilover system, or sleeve coilover with adjustable shocks, will be your best bet.

What about a Camber Kit?

It is recommended that you use a camber kit when you’re lowering your car or truck. Some of the better full coilover systems come with adjustable pillow ball mounts. It is always a recommendation that you use one of these when a car is adjusted.

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